Our Support Church

Pastor John faithfully served at Solid Rock Family Church in Jefferson City, Missouri for 17 years as Executive Associate Pastor wearing many hats.  He and his wife are proud to be Church Plant #4 in the USA to come out of Solid Rock.  ILC’s mother church sent them with their blessing & commissioning prayers.  Solid Rock is ILC’s roots, where we come from, & and they have been our strongest support in starting a brand new church from scratch.  Without them, it would not have been possible to launch.  We are honored to be an extension of SRFC in the Sunny State of Florida! 


Our Network

Affiliated Related Churches. ARC is an organization that helps plant churches. Pastor John and Sula received intensive training and coaching from them.  Impact Life Church is honored that they have selected us to be an ARC church.  Not only are we blessed to have them coaching us and equipping us with resources, but they believe in ILC so much that they matched every dollar we raised for our launch budget.  One of the missions efforts of ILC is to continue planting several new churches every year through ARC by supporting them in prayer, encouragement and giving financially.

It was while taking a break on vacation July of last year in Florida that John & Sula Skiles truly felt a call to plant a church.  They knew that anyone could “feel the call” to the vacation destination of sunny Florida with beautiful white sand beaches.  However, prior to this vacation, they had no intention of ever starting a brand new church anywhere…  God had other plans.  They both felt the Lord speaking to them and stirring a passion for Florida separately while on vacation.  As they left, they had a confirming discussion that dramatically changed their life journey forever.


John and Sula both knew without a shadow of a doubt that God was calling them to the area and they accepted the call.  When they got home, they spoke to their father and Sr. Pastor Joe Skiles about what they were experiencing.  He already knew.  The Lord already had spoken it to him.  With the strong confirmation of God’s direction, they began preparing to take one of the biggest leaps of faith in their lives. One year later, they relocated from Mid-Missouri to Fort Walton Beach with their 3 year old Zetta Marie and their newborn baby boy Zane Michael.

Our Story