Prophetic Word

The Word of Hope - Lisa Tuttle 1.26.2021

While preparing for the Prophetic Community Gathering at ILC held on January 26, I sat down with my journal and began to write out my questions for God...and I then recorded what I heard in response. I shared this excerpt from my journal that night, but I am confident this word is active and valid for anyone who weighs it and chooses to receive it. May it bless and encourage you as we look into this new year of 2021.  -Lisa


What do you want the prophetic community to know, God? What is on your heart?



There is reason to hope. Do not receive prophetic input from any source that traffics in fear, anxiety, or physical, mental, or emotional oppression. Your adversary is alert and ready to manifest any words that prophesy of his dark intentions, but you are not of that kingdom and need not engage his power and purposes. The hope I give you is eternal and it cannot be defeated. It is more powerful than the whims of culture or negative circumstances, and it shines brightest in dark places. I promise you I will never leave you or forsake you. Find your confidence in me and know that I keep my word. I have called you blessed, and blessed you shall be. The more you look for my hand of blessing, the more you will find it, because my heart of love for you is only hidden from you when you close your eyes to it. Choose your focus carefully...and know that you will always find me on the side of hope no matter how unlikely, unreasonable, and ridiculous it may seem to you in light of circumstances. Through Jesus I have already cancelled the power of any circumstance to speak a higher word than hope. So set your heart on me, fix yourself on hope, and I will make you shine.