We're Hiring

Part-Time Ministry Staff Position - Graphics & Communications Leader


Pay:  $150 per week (10 hrs)

Please submit your resume and samples of your work to info@impactlifechurch.us.  Eligible candidates will then be sent an application and an invite for an interview.

Purpose of the Graphics & Communications:

Leads the team responsible for Impact Life Church online, through social media, and in print.  Creates & maintains the website, social media, graphics and printed information.  Creates visual concepts for PR & Marketing.  Carries the Gospel message of Jesus to the nations through media.


Experience and Knowledge Required:

  • Passion for creativity and innovative methods of sharing the Gospel.

  • Experience working to bring a vision into reality in digital form. 

  • Previous leadership experience.

  • Excellent verbal and interpersonal skills.

  • Proficiency in Adobe Suite Programs

  • Photography & Editing

  • Video Editing

  • Social Media (Facebook, Instagram & YouTube)

  • Website Development

  • Ability to learn “Planning Center” for back office communications and team scheduling.

  • Passionate about continued education in this area and staying “current.”

  • Strong attention to detail.

  • Exceptional work ethic and commitment to excellence.

  • Ability to work with no supervision.

  • Ability to delegate and follow up with tasks to completion.

  • A passion for teaching others who show interest in serving in these areas.


Essential Responsibilities & Workflow:


  • Social Media Scheduling

  • Photography of services

  • Photo-editing

  • Videography of Sunday Services including Facebook Live.

  • Detaching Audio from Sunday Service Recording and Uploading to Podbean for podcasts.

  • Any graphic/print material requests from Staff Meeting on Tuesdays. (monthly handouts, touch cards, sermon series graphics, announcement graphics, etc.)

  • Upkeep Impact Life Church Website (in future)


  • 2-4 Announcement Video Filming, Editing, and Uploading to Google Drive.

  • Creating a newly designed brochure/handout with correct calendar dates for the upcoming Month.

  • Editing dates and updating graphics on recurring announcement slides, i.e.: Baptisms, Volunteer Highlight, and Next Steps.

  • Scheduling and touching base with Visual Media Team Volunteers

  • Sermon Series Graphics, and promotion


  • Recording, Editing, and Uploading Testimony Videos.

  • Recording, Editing, and Uploading Promotional Videos.

  • Re-design new touch cards and social media images.

  • Banners, signs, and marketing materials.

  • All social media, marketing, photography, graphics, videography for special events like conferences, Holiday events, and special speakers.


Attendance Needed:

  • Attend the Impact Team Huddle Sundays at 8:15am in the sanctuary when able.

  • Attend the ILC Leadership Meeting the 1st Sunday of every month at 2:30pm.

  • Attend the Weekly Staff Meeting on Tuesdays at 9:00am-11:00pm

  • Meet one on one with Pastor John and Sula quarterly for evaluation and encouragement.



  • Positive Attitude, Fun & Enjoyable

  • Genuinely Loves People & Compassionate

  • Humble with the Heart of a Servant

  • Strong Work Ethic

  • Person of Integrity & Loyalty

  • Sold out to the ILC Vision & Mission

  • Highly Self-Motivated and Directed

  • Gatherer (Gathers and Influences People toward Jesus)

  • Most Importantly…  Loves God and lives for Him

We are open to discussing "Attendance Needed" and timing at the interview should another arrangement need to be made based on availability.  We are also open to discussing outsourced work as well which would be another arrangement for pay/hours and would not be a Leadership Position at ILC.  Submit your resume and samples of your work to info@impactlifechurch.us.