Prophetic Word

Eyes Wide Open - Donna Davis 9.16.2020

In this season, like every season, we should have our spiritual eyes open and fixed on Jesus and the Spirit Realm asking God, “What are You doing now?” There are multiple things shifting in the times and seasons that we are in. 


Holy Spirit is always willing to give the “Insider’s scoop” when we are seeking, knocking and asking, but this takes intentional focus and resolve to see and hear what God is saying and doing.

There are seasons of continual blessings beyond measure, and there are seasons that are present to awaken us deeper. Sands may seem to sift under your feet, you may even sense and see things in your life move and change.  Sometimes the shift seems drastic and you find yourself asking God “what is going on?” 

With us living in a day of great chaos in the world, what is happening in the spirit?  What is Heaven actually proclaiming in this moment and season? People are more specifically walking different paths in the midst of Chaos.  If you are walking in great blessing or if you are already walking in Great Awakening of the Spirit- then many many blessings to you on your journey.  Keep moving forward!

We know that God is doing “New things” and we know that we grow from Glory to Glory, but what happens when excitement and amazement shifts to what seems to become uncomfortable?  As we are growing in Christ and the prophetic, we might feel the excitement of that leap to the next “Glory” but when it feels more like you’re dazed or even feel muzzled you do not like the pressure you feel and see around you?

I’m not going to spend a lot of energy talking about desert seasons or the dark night of the soul; but to speak more into the purpose of seasons, that we do not necessarily like.  What is God actually purposing in this season?  This answer only comes when we look past what we see and look at it not only from heaven’s perspective but look for the answer to “God What are you wanting to do in this place?”

For example: We all love the part of the prophetic that blesses and encourages everyone that we meet.  I Love That!!  But when it comes down to the purpose and/ or the finest hour of the prophetic voice, what was the environment that they were in? 


Biblical history has shown us that it was under pressure. 

* When Elijah Called down fire from Heaven, he was up against 450 prophets of Baal, but also the people of Israel where there and silent.  They didn’t stand up with him at the beginning.

* When Ezekiel called the valley of dry bones to arise, he wasn’t on the beach sipping lemonade!

*Jeremiah lived his life prophesying to Israel who never listened.

* When Esther entered the throne room without invitation, it wasn’t just her life on the line, the future of her nation was on her shoulders.

We often use the term, “For such a time as this”.  So what does this look like?  When the wild and crazy miraculous happens, we love who we are.  The Glory to Glory is an amazing journey! And there are also seasons that the pressure is on.  So when times like these look like they are dying away, look for what is beginning to have signs of life. 


What is about to be birthed in your season that looks not so exciting right now:

 *A desert can reveal a burning bush.

 *The threat of loss of life can actually move you to the palace.

*The pressure of forces around you could actually birth deliverance to those around you.

*And the constant call to consecrate your life could actually translate you to Himself.  A communion that cannot be described.


Life is a journey. The prophetic voice is full of purpose and can be an exhilarating ride.  But don’t settle yourself there.  There is more purpose to come for such a time as this………